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Hi! I am Charlene, 24 years old, and currently based in Toronto.

The Sacred and the Profane by Mercia Eliade

In his introduction, Eliade puts forth an initial definition of “sacred” as that which is the “opposite of profane”, establishing early on the polarity between the sacred and the profane, the two modalities of experience, or “the two existential situations … Continue reading

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What is the Extent of Religious Tolerance?

A commentary on the recent passage of the UN Human Rights Council resolution on ‘Combating Religious Defamation’ Continue reading

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Why Carlos Celdran is NOT My Hero

On September 30, 2010, late in the afternoon, Carlos Celdran did what most of us could only hope to achieve. He a gave voice to the growing number of secularists in the country, a voice to those who are sick … Continue reading

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The Less Obvious Social Costs of Fraternities

Fraternities have been making news headlines once again in light of the controversies that have recently surfaced. The first one is a tragedy involving Alpha Phi Omega (APO), whose members allegedly beat neophyte Carl Intia to death during initiation rites … Continue reading

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Respect, not Prayers

The FriendlyAtheist just posted a link to a blog entry written in light of the death of Pat Tillman in 2004, Speaking at the funeral service for Pat Tillman, both Maria Shriver and John McCain dropped their insensitive god bombs; ‘he’s with … Continue reading

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A Century into the Path of the Law

In the first part of his essay, Holmes asserts two supposed misconceptions regarding law. First, he argues that law and morality are not necessarily congruent to one another. He juxtaposes “malice” in the moral sense, “as importing a malevolent motive” … Continue reading

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